I had the chance to work with Micheline for almost two years. Micheline is smart, experienced, compassionate and has an incredible capacity to understand the big picture. Micheline brings her experience of the corporate world to her coaching - she communicates clearly and directly, answers questions helpfully and provides insights to better understand business dynamics. These are the highlights of my experience working with Micheline: - Micheline provides a very personalized coaching, she will work WITH you and address your specific needs, there is no “this coaching” fits all. She is very engaged and committed, makes herself available and you can count on her anytime you need her feedback. - Micheline’s ability to rapidly understand the workplace structure is fantastic. In a few sessions, she is able to understand the company culture, your leadership and management styles and uses her understanding to provide you with a broad range of leadership strategies and tactics. - Micheline doesn’t give you the answers, she drives the conversation for you to dive deeply into a topic.
-Ana Tessadro,Senior Direcctor, Micro Encoder Inc

I had the pleasure of being a client of Micheline's for both executive coaching as well as a team development workshop with my division. In both the 6-month coaching as well as the workshop, Micheline was a consummate professional. Her mix of humor, intelligence and keen insights into what makes people tick make her an ideal choice in both venues! I cannot recommend her more highly to rising executives in any field.
-Rachelle Daugherty,,Senior Director, Physician Services and Development, Providence /Swedish Health

I worked with Micheline for almost 2 years now. We have regular conf calls, in which we discuss what’s top of mind from many perspectives (people, business, culture, personal development, etc). What makes an enormous impact, is that she always helps me to look at topics from a different angle. It broadens my view and helps me to make better informed decisions and define organizational directions. She is a good listener and her workstyle is challenging and inspiring at the same time. Next to that, she is a strong moderator for team sessions and offsites. From a personal development perspective, she is very good in opening your eyes regarding your own limiting beliefs. I look forward to continue our work together.
-Cees van de Par,,General Manager Western Europe Public Sector, Microsoft

The best thing about our sessions with Micheline was the fact that I was able to reflect deeply on my actions and the research process I was dealing with for the last few months and to see it as a fruitful and useful experience itself. I tend to see my life as a bunch of achievements, decisions, and "real" results, rather than the whole process. But the process itself can be valuable, even if it doesn't lead to the anticipated decision, and Micheline helped me to see it in a very new way. Another important take-away for me was that it's possible and important to be more open to new ideas and opportunities, do not try to plan and foresee everything, give a chance to new things and new people to come to my life. I'm looking forward to working again with Micheline in the future.
-Natalia Simonenko,Software and Internet Entrepreneur

Micheline brings an exceptional level of wisdom, experience, and interpersonal skill to her coaching and delivers concrete actions for moving forward. She is a careful listener and always a calm observant presence that brings each challenge to the examining table for solution. Micheline is a consummate professional and I recommend her strongly to assist with business challenges and personal development
-Clayton Wood, Leadership executive for Start ups and Small Businesses,

I had the chance to participate in multi-cultural workshops moderated by Micheline. She is a dynamic presenter and was extremely successful in engaging the audience and promoting participation. Her workshops helped the participants to learn from each other, find new ways for collaboration and better communication of their strategy. I recommend Micheline without reservation.
-Olga Masek,Microsoft office Division Group Business Director, Microsoft Russia

Micheline has unique skills in helping teams unlock their full potential. She helps teams understand both the business and people issues which are impacting performance but more uniquely how these two aspects are connected. From that understanding, she provides advice for the team in how it can change or adjust its processes and rhythms and at the same time to individuals within the team on how they can change their behaviors and priorities to increase their own effectiveness and their contribution. It’s a potent combination which definitely played a major role in improving the performance and team climate of our organization.
-Michel Gambier,General Manager, Microsoft

Micheline is a terrific panel moderator or panel member for discussions related to leadership/professional development, team effectiveness, and organization development issues such as corporate culture and policies for creating workplaces where people want to work.
-Susan Adams,Professor of Management, Senior Director, Center for Women & Business at Bentley University

Micheline is a talented and insightful Coach whose perspective has been shaped by her deep experience in developing business leaders over many years. She has a true talent for getting to the heart of those blockers standing in the way of unlocking ones true potential and serves as an expert guide along the discovery journey for her clients.
Her approach is authentic and her style is warm yet authoritative. I highly recommend Micheline to any business person looking to tap in to and harness those hidden gems that great leaders possess for themselves or their organization.
-Marya McCabe,Founder & President t at SATTlab, LLC

Micheline is an inspired and inspiring coach and has a natural talent for the work that she does. Her very rich professional international background, her personality, and ability to create right atmosphere for trusting and sharing thoughts and challenges, allowed me to successfully manage different situations.
-Olga Masek,Microsoft office Division Group Business Director, Microsoft Russia