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Advancing Women Leadership

Does the face of your company leadership reflect the face of your customers?
Has innovation stalled due to lack of divergent opinions and point of views?
Are you optimizing the gifts and strengths of your entire workforce?

Is your organization a destination for talented women and does it provide the environment for them to thrive, grow and contribute in the most effective way to your company strategy and business performance ?

In working with your organization, I leverage my own experience in building effective programs aimed at attracting, retaining, and accelerating the leadership development of female talent. Together we will develop innovative, yet grounded and pragmatic programs that will successfully enlist the company leadership and that will lead to measurable and sustainable results.

These programs include:

  • Designing and implementing effective sponsorship programs.
  • Mentoring Rings or Learning Circles, either face-to face or virtually, aiming at creating a support and learning network amongst peer women at a similar stage of their careers
  • Developing specific workshop around key leadership topics such as Work-Life Integration
  • Specific 360 and coaching programs to High-Potential Women leaders.
  • Facilitating round-table amongst key talents focused on important topics such as career mobility, making your voice heard, Work-Life Integration, asking for what you want, and managing up

If this sounds interesting and if you would like to discuss how I could help you boost female representation in your organization, contact me here.

Advancing Women Leadership: Global Expansion of a Sponsorship Program