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Accelerating Team Performance

Are you a team leader who needs to drive a significant amount of change in your organization or have you just taken a new team with diverse personalities and backgrounds?

Have you moved into a new role with huge turn-around responsibilities or, as a result of being wildly successful are you now leading a much larger organization and now, you need to find effective ways to continue to be in touch with people reporting to you? Does your new role include managing a global, multicultural organization?

Has your team become somewhat dysfunctional due to increased business demands, competitive pressure, changes in personnel or recent changes in strategy? Are your people struggling with maintaining a healthy balance between business demands and their own personal goals?
Do you believe that your team, while highly functioning, could reach new levels of performance through more effective collaboration?

These scenarios are commonly encountered by Business Leaders through their professional journey. I have been through similar experiences during my own career as a people minded leader in the High Tech Industry and can help you navigate the path.

I have learned through my own experiences, and sometimes mistakes, what it takes to build and cement strong teams, small or large, that thrive through challenges and have fun delivering extraordinary results while being committed to each other’s success.

I bring the coach approach to every team engagement I am involved in. Whether it is to build and facilitate a leadership team offsite, run a workshop focused on key leadership themes, or facilitate a business meeting aimed at building a winning strategy grounded in reality, I put both my corporate and coaching experience at your and your team service.

As a result, trust develops amongst the team members and with it, the ability and willingness to engage in candid and even often uncomfortable conversations, fueled by the desire to uncover and solve the issues that are standing in the way of unparalleled success, performance, and fulfillment.