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Executive Coaching

Are you are a successful leader who is keen to continue to grow, develop and increase your impact and legacy, through enhanced productivity, more effective relationships and / or by developing higher EQ and listening skills?

Have you just been promoted or taken a bigger role with an extended team or have started your own business? Are you thinking this new and exciting position will allow you to tap into more of your gifts and strengths, but it might also present unfamiliar challenges that can be intimidating, at least at first?

Are you needing to find new time-management and energy-management solutions to maintain your work-life balance?

Are you looking for what’s next in your career because you feel or believe that your contribution could be even more impactful in a different environment; or are you are at a cross-roads, ready to take a very different path that involves deep changes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can accompany you through this journey. Change often requires us to review our values and beliefs systems, revise our priorities, and get in touch with who we are and what we want at the core.

As a leadership coach, I believe that each of us is unique. I also believe that we all have more gifts, capabilities, and strengths than we like to give ourselves credit for.

I also strongly believe that, when deeply engrained in trust, mutual respect, and complete honesty, the coaching relationship – and not the coach- is the powerful catalyst conducive to sustainable transformative changes.

In working with my clients, I leverage all the coaching tools and experience that I have acquired and, when appropriate, draw into my own long and diversified corporate experience and put my own learning at their service.

As a result, and in line with my coaching philosophy, my clients benefit from a customized and highly personalized approach that enables them to self-realize and formulate their own solutions.