Germanos Leadership provides the following services, aimed at Inspiring Leaders and Transforming Teams:

  • 1:1 executive coaching (French and English).
  • Facilitating Team offsite: boosting organizational health and accelerating organization performance
  • Conducting effective workshops focused on key leadership themes such as work-life balance integration, building great teams, change management.
  • Implementing innovative proven women leadership focused programs and initiatives both locally and on a global scale
  • Delivering inspiring public speaking and providing effective panel facilitation.

Executive Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching services aimed at:
  • Developing key leadership skills to increase effectiveness and maximize performance
  • Accelerating On-Boarding through key relationship building, cultural alignment and clarifying goals and expectations
  • Enhancing personal productivity through increased Energy and enhanced Time Management skills and strategies
  • (Re)-Claiming Work-Life Balance / Integration by identifying Top Priorities and creating Personal Work-life Statement
  • Leveraging Assessments and feed-back to increase self-awareness and get perspective on specific development areas
  • Career Coaching: uncovering what’s next for you by connecting your key values, top strengths and most valued experiences
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Accelerating Team Performance

Designing and Facilitating effective group meetings and seminars such as:
  • Leadership team offsites where key challenges are jointly identified and solved and where available talent and energy are channeled towards high priority goals
  • Team meetings aimed at enhancing the focus, alignment and commitment of all team members resulting in shared responsibility and accountability for team results
  • Newly formed team kick-offs that deepen peer knowledge and respect, accelerate new members assimilation and increase trust level to enable optimal collaboration
  • Inspiring workshops where key leadership themes such as Work-Life Balance, Change Management or adaptive challenges can be addressed by tapping into the collective wisdom and experience brought by each participant
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Advancing Women Leadership

Designing and implementing innovative proven women focused programs and initiatives either in a single location or on a global scale:
  • Designing and implementing effective sponsorship programs.
  • Mentoring Rings or Learning Circles, either face-to face or virtually, aiming at creating a support and learning network amongst peer women at a similar stage of their careers
  • Developing specific workshop around key leadership topics such as Work-Life Integration
  • Specific 360 and coaching programs to High-Potential Women leaders.
  • Facilitating round-table amongst key talents focused on important topics such as career mobility, making your voice heard, Work-Life Integration, asking for what you want, and managing up
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Keynotes and Panels

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